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The Time Spotís TelePunch solution with HourTrack 2000 is ideal for any business with employees who travel or work off-premises.† This product is perfect for sales representatives, consultants, construction workers, security personnel and other professionals with job duties that prevent them from using traditional methods of time tracking.

With a touch-tone telephone (standard or cellular), employees can easily clock in and out for the day and even track time spent on jobs or within departments.† The data is saved immediately in the central database, where it is available to Human Resource managers using the robust HourTrack 2000 software.† In addition, HourTrack 2000 is capable of combining data collected from various input devices including PC-based time collection software, badge terminals and biometric scanners with the data collected by the telephony server.

Businesses with a large number of employees who must clock in at the same time will avoid bottlenecks by utilizing the Time Spot TelePunch solutionís multi-line capabilities Ė from 2 to 16 lines per server.† The telephony server is pre-configured by Time Spot engineers to seamlessly integrate with your current network, delivering easy installation and trouble-free reliability.

Product Overview

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