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Biometry is the statistical analysis of biological observations and phenomena. It is also the new standard for time and attendance data collection devices. Instead of utilizing badges or passwords, which can be lost or forgotten, Time Spotís hand punch terminals verify an employee's identity based on the unique size and shape of their hand.

This state-of-the-art data collection device involves an investment similar to that required by traditional badge swipe devices. Yet, the length of time required for you to recover your investment is significantly reduced, because biometric devices eliminate buddy-punching.

Buddy-punching affects companies in varying degrees. If your company's current workforce management solution allows employees to clock in and out for one another, a Time Spot solution can help you recover losses. If you are implementing a workforce management system for the first time, you can maximize your investment and avoid potential pitfalls by starting with this technology.

Time Spotís hand punch terminals do not store images of your employees' hands, nor can they use any stored information to create images of employees' hands. Instead, they use a sophisticated algorithm to generate and store a numerical template. Each time an employee scans his hand, a new number is generated and compared to the one on file. The clock in/out transaction will occur in less than a second, but only if the generated number and stored template match closely. Save time and money with this fast, easy-to-use, secure and versatile solution.


Hand Punch: A proven performer that answers a variety of data collection needs.

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