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Time Spot's badge terminals record time and attendance data when an employee swipes a badge or enters a personal identification number (PIN) through the keypad. Twelve programmable function keys also provide users with the flexibility to display or collect additional data. For example, employees can receive messages from their supervisors on the screen display or check their schedules or number of hours worked by pressing a key and swiping their badge through the reader. Employees may use the badge terminals to transfer from one department to another, or from one job to another ensuring accurate transfer of labor charges and transition of labor rates. The terminals can also be programmed to accept only authorized or scheduled employee punches, which helps to eliminate costly, unplanned overtime.

Time Spot's badge terminals provide editing capabilities so supervisors can immediately correct punches or make edits right from the floor. They operate off-line, freeing the host system for other applications. At regularly programmed intervals the host automatically polls the terminals and transfers the stored data for processing. The badge terminals can limit access to secured work areas and, when equipped with a printer, generate copies of entries for employees and reports for supervisors.

Time Spot's badge terminals are long-lasting, reliable, and expandable, with a low cost of ownership. These terminals are suitable for small ventures as well as the enterprise, and can work in conjunction with other Time Spot data collection devices. Time Spot offers:


TA520: A proven performer that answers a variety
of data collection needs.

TA530: A data collection device built for rigorous
use in any industrial environment.

TA620: A full-featured data collection terminal that
allows several different forms of input and
communication methods.

VBadge: Replaces manual time sheets, streamlining
employee data collection.


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