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For companies with less than 200 employees, TA50 PRO is the ideal Time and Labor Management Solution. TA50 PRO provides the essential elements such as automated and simplified tracking of unplanned absences, late arrivals, and overtime. TA50 PRO also includes the following features:

+ Ease of Use

    TA50 PRO is a user friendly solution that uses graphic buttons to simplify its use. All processes are clearly marked and follow a common operating thread throughout. Furthermore, the TA50 PRO help screens use Hypertext, which allows you to select a screen and display a selection list of references to the word or related topics.

    TA50 PRO supports the use of a mouse and allows you to select the sorting and browse window display order so that information can be arranged in an order most convenient to you. For example, you may want the employee selection listings to sort employees by last name while another may want to sort by employee number.

+ Use your Company's Terminology

    Another attractive feature of TA50 PRO is the ability to change the names of key fields and automatically have all the menus and reports change to reflect the new name. For example, if your company does not have Departments, but has Cost Centers, simply change the name "Department" to "Cost Centers" and all references to Departments will change to Cost Centers throughout the system.

+ Company Policies and Rules

    TA50 PRO will support several company policies and rules such as various shifts, rounding rules, multiple wages and overtime levels.

  • Rules may be set up to prevent payment of long lunches or to dock tardy returns.
  • TA50 PRO supports an unlimited number of shifts, including shifts with staggered start times.
  • TA50 PRO supports two levels of overtime on both a daily and pay period basis. Overtime can be defined by the number of hours worked per day. Overtime can be paid on a weekly or biweekly basis.
  • TA50 PRO supports weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay periods.
  • TA50 PRO lets you define certain days as holidays for eligible employees.

+ Employee Time Collection and Calculation

    TA50 PRO's tools relieve payroll staff of time consuming, stressful procedures such as manual review and calculation of time cards.

  • Advanced Employee Browse Scheduler allows you to quickly scroll through and edit an employee's schedule.
  • Supervisors can edit punches at a Data Collection Terminal or PC.
  • Employees may perform department transfers at the terminal.
  • TA50 PRO automatically compensates for employee double punching.
  • TA50 PRO contains one online punch editor and a transaction editor. This allows supervisors to edit an employee's punch information right on the employees time card.
  • TA50 PRO incorporates a PC-based time clock that allows employees to perform all normal timeclock functions right from their PC workstation.

+ Reporting

    TA50 PRO includes strategic reporting for Attendance, Scheduling, Wages, Payroll, Exceptions, and Human Resources.

  • Flexible Reporting - Reports can be printed by pay period or by selected date range to control overtime and spot trends.
  • Flexible Lists - Lists of employees, shifts, pay rules, departments, badges, schedules, assignments, and more can be generated at any time.
  • Real Time Data - All data is available at any time for reports. The only limit on the history kept is the size of your hard drive.
  • Hours/Wage Breakdown - TA50 PRO will show you how many labor hours in departments and/or dollars were spent, not only by employee, but by department.
  • Attendance Codes - Attendance Codes are used to cover items such as early arrival, early departure, late arrival, etc.

+ Data Collection

    TA50 PRO can support an extensive number of data collection terminals, including bar code entry. An employee can punch IN at one terminal, transfer departments at another, then, as an example, drive 40 miles and clock OUT at a remote location. The devices may be any combination of TA520, TA530, TASC, and TA620 Data Collection Terminals. A single solution can support any combination of modem, RS232, and RS485 terminals.

    TA50 PRO also
    incorporates a PC-based time clock that allows employees to perform all normal timeclock functions right from their PC workstation.

+ Payroll Processing

    TA50 PRO comes standard with an export feature that allows you to send data to an in-house payroll solution. Direct imports to many popular payroll services are also included with the solution:

    Accpac Generic (Numeric) Prestige PC Payroll
    ADP version 5 Generic (Alpha) Preview 2000
    ADP version 6 Genesys ProBusiness PowerPay
    ADP (Canada) Glazers Quick Books Pro
    ADP for Windows Mas90 QuikPay Plus
    Advantage/Safeguard MicrOpay Rapid Pay (aka Preview)
    Attache Payroll CBS Millennium RPS Payroll
    Payroll (4.0-up) MYOB Powerpay Sybiz
    Ceridian (Dos) Paychex Time Card Data
    Ceridian (Windows) Pay-E UK Payroll
    Ceridian Powerpay Payroll 1 SQL/Pay
    Ceridian Source 500 PC Connect Unified Payroll (UPSSI)
    CompuPay PcPay/Pay Choice Wells Fargo
    Cyborg Peachtree 2000 Winpay
    EZE-PAY Perfect Pay  

+ Security

    To protect your sensative payroll data, each user must enter a Login name and Password before they can access the TA50 PRO solution.

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