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NETtime enables you to plan, track, and analyze basic labor data securely, concisely, and quickly to boost productivity and maximize utilization of labor resources via the Web. NETtime includes the features that your organization needs for a complete Workforce Management solution, in a hosted environment. NETtime features include:

+ Employee Time Management

  • Employees submit timesheets or clock in/out via the web or through a data collection terminal
  • Track employee hours spent on specific jobs and/or within each department
  • Utilize web-enabled cell phones or PDA devices for job and time tracking

+ Record Keeping

  • Keep track of vital employee information

+ Job Costing/Tracking

  • Track number of hours spent on each job by each employee
  • Identify the cost of jobs or how much to bill a client

+ Enforce Payroll Policies

  • Enforce payroll policies such as overtime rules, attendance rules, rounding rules, schedule enforcement and lunch and break policies
  • Implement shift differentials for wage rate variations

+ Perform HR functions

  • Track employee attendance
  • Track employee tardiness

+ Benefit Accruals

  • Set up rules on how benefits should accrue based on how long an employee has been with the company
  • Accrue and track vacation, sick and personal time (or customize to accrue other types of benefits)

+ Messaging

  • Send employee messages, accessible on the NETtime employee home page.

+ Powerful Management Reports

  • Ability to schedule recurring management reports with email notification

+ System Requirements

  • Internet Connection
  • Internet Browser

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