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Genesis Pro is an integrated Time and Labor Management Solution that provides significant improvements in productivity and in managing labor costs for companies with 100 or more employees. Genesis Pro extends the functionality of other business systems, such as ERP or HR solutions, by providing a front-ddd2272c. The result is real-time decision-making and planning, which makes your organization more productive and more competitive. Genesis Pro includes the following features:

+ Ease of Use

    Genesis Pro is completely menu driven. All processes are clearly marked and follow a common operating thread throughout. For ease of operation, the system allows each user to arrange the systems sorting and browse window display order. This allows each user to arrange the information in an order that is convenient for them. For example, one user may want the employee selection listings to sort employees by last name while another may want to sort by employee number.

+ Use your Company's Terminology

    Another attractive feature of Genesis Pro is the ability to change the names of key fields and automatically have all the menus and reports change to reflect the new name. For example, if your company does not have Departments, but has Cost Centers, simply change the name Department to Cost Centers and all references to departments will change to Cost Centers.

    Genesis Pro also allows you to define six system fields in the employee master record. These fields can be used to track items such as birthdays, spouse name, license number, emergency number, etc.

+Company Policies and Rules

    Genesis Pro will support complex company policies and rules such as floating shifts, rounding rules, multiple wages and overtime levels.

    • Employees may either be assigned a specific start and stop time, or they may punch in and out randomly.
    • An unlimited number of rounding rules can be setup around start/stop times or the actual punch time to avoid overpaying employees around the the actual IN/OUT punches, lunch punches, break punches or total worked time duration.
    • Genesis Pro supports an unlimited number of shifts. Unusual shifts schedules with staggered start times are easily handled.
    • Employees can be assigned multiple wages, one for each department, job, step, or operation worked. Salaried employee hours can be reported from actual, scheduled, or a set amount. Salaried employees can be required to punch IN, both IN and OUT, or not punch at all.
    • Genesis Pro supports three levels of overtime on both a daily and pay period basis. Overtime can also be defined based on the number of times the employee puches in during a certain time of day, number of consecutive days worked, shift, and for time worked outside the schedule.

+Employee Time Collection and Calculation

    Genesis Pro's powerful tools relieve payroll staff of time consuming, stressful procedures such as manual review and calculation of time cards.

    • Global Scheduling lets you schedule an individual employee or groups of employees in one simple step. Global Scheduling has the ability to copy existing schedules or apply rotating schedules.
    • Automatic lunch and break deductions may be taken based on elapsed time worked or during a specific window of time to prevent overpayment to employees who do not take the full time allotted for lunches and breaks.
    • Genesis Pro contains two online punch editors, Online Time Card and Approval, which allows you to edit the employee punch information right on each employee time card.
    • The Genesis Pro Transaction Editor provides a simple means of correcting wrong punches and adding new ones by scrolling through existing transactions.
    • The Browse editor also allows you to enter and edit transactions that are not time and attendance related.

+Employee Self Service

    Genesis Pro allows you to give employees access to their own payroll and HR data including:

    • Current Hours and Transactions
    • Schedules
    • Benefit Balances
    • Exempt Employees can submit Online Electronic Times Sheets


    Genesis Pro will generate over 110 different reports for Attendance, Scheduling, Wages, Payroll, Exceptions, and Human Resources.

    Genesis Pro will generate up-to-date reports on everything from Annual Attendance to Who is Not In today. All of the Genesis Pro reports can be modified using its built-in Report Editor. This means you can change any report to match your Time & Attendance needs. The amount of historical data that the system will keep is limited only by the size of your hard drive. Previous data can be compressed and archived to save disk space.

+Data Collection

    Genesis Pro is compatible with multiple data collection devices. An employee can punch IN at one terminal, transfer departments at another, then as an example drive 40 miles and clock OUT at a remote location. If punching at multiple locations is not desired, the ACCESS module allows the terminal to limit accepted punches to certain employees. Genesis Pro supports the use of multiple TA520, TA530, TASC, and TA620 Data Collection Terminals.

+Payroll Processing

    Genesis Pro comes standard with an export feature that allows you to send data for in-house or external payroll processing.

    Direct imports to many popular payroll services are also included with the solution:

    Accpac Generic (Alpha) Prestige PC Payroll
    ADP version 5 Genesys Preview 2000
    ADP version 6 Glazers ProBusiness PowerPay
    ADP (Canada) Jonas Quick Books Pro
    ADP for Windows Mas90 QuikPay Plus
    Advantage/Safeguard MicrOpay Rapid Pay (aka Preview)
    Attache Payroll CBS Millennium RPS Payroll
    Payroll (4.0-up) MYOB Powerpay Sybiz
    Ceridian (Dos) PayAmerica Time Card Data
    Ceridian (Windows) Paychex Timberline
    Ceridian Powerpay Pay-E UK Payroll
    Ceridian Source 500 Payroll 1 SQL/Pay
    CompuPay PC Connect Unified Payroll (UPSSI)


    PcPay/Pay Choice Wells Fargo
    EZE-PAY Peachtree 2000


    Generic (Numeric) Perfect Pay


    Each user must enter a Login name and Password before they can access the Genesis Pro solution. The solution can limit the user to certain menus, what they can do while in a given window (add, edit, delete, view, etc.), and which employees they can access.


    +PC Clock

      The PC Clock Module allows employees to perform all the normal time clock functions using their PC.

    +Benefit Accruals

      The Benefit Accruals Module allows you to automatically update employee benefit balances based on your company's current rules. Genesis Pro supports a number of accrual cycles and allows for changes to employee accumulators based on their tenure. Genesis Pro also allows forecasting of benefits such as Vacation to prevent over-drawn benefit balances.

    +Occurrence Ratings

      The optional Occurrence Rating Module tracks the negative attendance occurrences you define and generates employee notices with custom messages.

    +Job Costing & Validation

      The Job Costing & Validation Module enables you to accurately track labor costs and distribute them by department, job, step, operation, etc. This module allows for a more detailed breakdown of cost information, which can be reported in both hours and dollars.

    +3rd party Terminal Support

      Third Party Terminal Support enables Genesis Pro to work with Biometric Hand Readers, ATS series clocks, and biometric fingerprint readers

    +Access Control & Profile Lockout

      The Access Control & Profile Lockout Module allows you to define intervals of time in which employees can enter a punch at the terminal. You can lockout or warn employees who attempt to punch IN or OUT at times other than their scheduled shifts with a customized message. This module provides control of punching by time of day and day of week. Supervisors can be allowed to override these lockouts if desired. This module also allows you to lockout unauthorized personnel. Employees access can be restricted to certain locations. With the use of this module, schedules may be downloaded to each terminal controlling the actual time-of-day and day-of-week that the employee is allowed access.

    +Bell Control

      The Bell Control Module allows you to define bell ringing schedules and prompt terminals to activate a user supplied bell, alarm, or other audible signaling device. Each bell can be defined by the day-of-week and time-of-day as well as the duration of the ring.

    +Additional Users

      Genesis Pro comes standard as a single-user system. Optionally, an unlimited number of users may be added. The basic system settings can be customized for each user. Each user can have their own color set, printer configuration, display settings, etc.

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