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eWebClock is revolutionizing the way time and attendance data is collected.  Harness the power of your local network or the entire World Wide Web to gather clock in / out transactions and to distribute valuable time-related information.  All this is delivered to your organization in a familiar Web browser environment.

eWebClock is full of advantages.  The two most prominent are:  fast deployment time and low cost of ownership.  eWebClock involves a single server installation, eliminating the need for multiple client installations.  Maintenance and upgrading eWebClock is fast and easy - everything is done on the server, so updates are available to all employees instantly.

Employees clock in and out using a standard Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, reducing the need for expensive training.  The time it takes to get you up and running is therefore minimized with an eWebClock implementation.  The savings can be significant!

Soon, managers and employees will wonder how they ever got along without it.  Employees can check their own work hours, schedules, and benefit accruals - without asking a payroll or human resources clerk for assistance.

Product Overview

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