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Service Zone, a telephone technical support and customer care outsourcing company, faced the need to automate time tracking for its quickly expanding workforce. VITRIX's HourTrack, provided a browser-based, PC solution providing managers real-time status boards as well as data capture and reporting capabilities that will save the company millions of dollars over time.

Service Zone is a telephone technical support and customer care outsourcing firm. The majority of the company's revenue is derived from its outsourcing services for PC Manufacturers and Financial Institutions in call center services. Their service is transparent to the end user, and outsourced to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). For example, if an end user purchases a PC from a well-known national OEM, and needs service or support, they call the toll-free number provided. This call is distributed to vendors across the country that provide service or support on behalf of the OEM. Service Zone is one such vendor.

Based in Tampa, FL, Service Zone originated in October of 1999 when its first Call Center was established. Today, not even a year later, the company is in the process of building its fifth Call Center, and expanding from the current 900 employees, to nearly 2,000 employees by 2001.

A quick growth in number of employees led Service Zone to begin considering automation over manual data entry for its Time and Attendance procedures. Every day, each manager would manually track employee work hours, and provide them weekly to the appropriate executive. This resulted in a regular occurrence of volumes of paperwork. It was also time consuming, labor intensive and lacked accuracy and consistency.

A search of the Internet brought several time and attendance options to the surface, but the question loomed--which would provide the most benefit for Service Zone?

VITRIX Inc. was granted the opportunity to conduct an e-demonstration of its HourTrack Time and Labor Management Solution. There were four main factors that attracted Service Zone to HourTrack-data capture and reporting capabilities, the Web interface, the PC Clock and the payroll interface.

The data capture and reporting capabilities meant that Service Zone could automate the process of developing their "Billable hours versus Non-billable hours" ratio (billable utilization of manpower to bill by hour or call), and it could be done on a real-time basis with HourTrack, tracking the total and providing reports day-to-day, minute-by-minute.

Said John Bray, executive vice president of Service Zone, "A mere 1% increase in Billable Utilization of manpower over time means millions of dollars in savings for Service Zone. VITRIX has provided a valuable solution for us."

The Web interface allowed Service Zone to avoid extra costs in NT licensing, utilizing the HourTrack Web interface instead. In addition, VITRIX's Admin. Workforce gave Service Zone managers the ability to review hours, check schedules, view accrued benefits and decipher attendance instantly from a real-time PC status board on their desktops.

In addition to these specifics, Bray states that he saves money over the manual data entry of the past, and saves labor costs due to the payroll interface.

VITRIX also provided professional services to Service Zone, including implementation and training. According to Bray, "VITRIX did a fine job on implementation and training, working to fine-tune elements of the product to function harmoniously within our business."

VITRIX's Chief Technology Officer Bahan Sadegh was on-site for the implementation, and noted that, "Our browser-based eWebClock was the key here. It made deployment rather simple since it had to occur only on a single server, and more importantly it will make the upgrades incredibly simple for Service Zone in the future." Service Zone concurs, as they recently received a Service Release update, and deployed it on the single server, (rather than the several hundred workstations they would have had to update in the past). "Not only did we save in labor, but all employees got the added features and benefits the very next day," stated Bray.

VITRIX, Incorporated (OTC: VTTX), headquartered in Tempe, AZ, provides Time & Labor Management Solutions. VITRIX products improve productivity by automating Time and Attendance, Workforce Scheduling, and the management of Labor Resources, with features such as employee self-service, data capture technology, time sheet submittal, strategic reporting, and interface tools for payroll, human resources, resource planning, and third party application integration. VITRIX solutions are offered in a client/server application, or in a 100% Web-based ASP product.


Technology User: Service Zone, a service contract fulfillment company based in Tampa, Florida.

Problem: Each manager manually tracked employee hours, turning them weekly into another manger for processing and another for payroll input. Multiple handling of the same information consumed many hours a day in labor, and left room for error.

Solution: Service Zone implemented VITRIX's HourTrack software solution with its Admin. Workforce and eWebClock-in a thin-client environment for simple and quick deployment. The system eliminated the need for NT licenses and provided real-time status boards for managers to view employee activity. The data capture and reporting technology also provided an automated process for Service Zone to track its billable vs. non-billable ratio in real-time, which will equate to a tremendous savings for the company over time.

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