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Vitrix Offers Web-based Time and Labor Management

By Mary Girsch-Beck

MyVITRIX is a 100 percent web-baed time and labor management solution from Vitrix, Inc. My Vitrix allows registered users the ability to submit employee timesheets, track employee hours, track and monitor company payroll policies, handle benefit accruals, and process and print reports. All of this can be done without the basic of installing and maintaining software. MyVITRIX offers flexible payment scale based on the number of employees who will be utilizing the service. The only technical requirement necessary is a web browser and access to the Internet. That's it.

If users are comfortable using the web, they will be comfortable using MyVITRIX. It is designed for user ease, with an easily customizable user interface for each employee or company administrator who accesses the system.

Registering as a user for MyVITRIX is easy. Users just fill out the information screens and enter a credit card number, and they're registered. After registration, users will come to a 'Welcome' screen. This screen lists various options, including an administrator tutorial. This tutorial will guide users through the basic company setup. Company configuration is simple and straightforward. Preferences are entered in the payroll section. Users can choose the default policy, which has several different options, or choose to customize a policy. Users also have the option to add a department hierarchy that best suits the needs of the company. The program also allows users to profile the most commonly used employee types, which will eliminate steps during data entry.

Each employee is assigned a personal Login and password. Once assigned a Login and password, employees can clock in or out via the web or submit a weekly timesheet. MyVITRIX also gives employees the option of reviewing their benefits, accruals, etc., while online.

New employees are added in the 'add employee' screen, or they can be imported from any comma-separated text file.

There are 44 standard reports that can be generated. MyVITRIX also has an employee scheduling option that allows employers to schedule employees for the coming week.

Flexibility is one of MyVITRIX's greatest strengths. Managers can log in to MyVITRIX to access employee records, review timesheets or run reports from anywhere at anytime. Other benefits to consider are ease of use, little training required and no costly software investment up front. For companies where flexibility is a requirement, and not an option, MyVITRIX might be the human resource program of choice.

Rating: 4 Stars out of a possible 4 Stars

NOTE: MyVITRIX is now called NETtime due to the merger with Time Spot.