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Help Desk NOW Helps Themselves with Automated Labor Management

Contact Center Insists on a Comprehensive Time and Attendance
Solution to Streamline Operations

In May of 2001, Help Desk NOW (HDN) www.helpdesknow.com opened its first contact center at Atlantic Canada. The organization?s leadership viewed labor management as a high priority from the onset, launching the center with a fully automated labor management solution in place. The company wanted to equip its contact center employees (primarily phone agents) with a cutting-edge, but easy-to-use system that enabled them to clock-in and out directly from their desktop computers.

HDN stands out as an example of a truly forward-thinking company that didn?t waste precious human resources developing and using an outdated time and attendance system. Unlike HDN, many new businesses don?t realize the need for automated labor management until after they?ve struggled with manual employee timekeeping methods, such as paper punch cards or handwritten sign-in sheets. These companies then seek a labor management solution out of operational necessity ? when they?re no longer willing to lose time and money on repeated issues with inefficient, error-prone data entry processes, incorrect time and attendance records, and/or inaccurate reporting.

As a leading provider of inbound and outbound contact center solution, HDN knows the value of state-of-the art technologies. Headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina, the company prides themselves on offering its clients the highest level of customer care, technical support, sales campaigns and technology solutions. For companies who don?t want to perform these services in-house, HDN helps increase revenue, reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by enabling full-service contact center capabilities. Insisting on a comprehensive labor management solution expanded the company?s capacity to provide such varied and complex services.

Decision Factors and Implementation
In choosing a labor management vendor, HDN selected Time Spot, Inc., a leading provider of advanced time and workforce management solutions designed to help companies improve the tracking and utilization of labor resources. Specifically, HDN purchased Time Spot?s HourTrack? system, which combines client-server software with a wide range of data collection devices to automate the process of tracking, managing, and reporting the many aspects of employee time and attendance.

The company chose the HourTrack time and labor management solution based on a recommendation from HDN?s Director of Operations, who had researched leading labor management solutions. He found that it met all the company?s budgetary and technical requirements, and especially liked the system?s flexibility and ease-of-implementation. Because this was the inaugural HDN call center, the company needed a solution that would fit its initial budget, but would grow with them over time. Now, after using the system for three years, the company feels certain that the right decision was made, as HourTrack continues to support all of their labor management needs.

HDN also chose to integrate HourTrack into an existing front-ddd2272c. The company incorporated a link into this site to give employees one-click access to their labor management system. Every workday, employees simply sign in and out of the HourTrack web clock through the Intranet site that they use for intra-company communication.

Rosalind Strickland, HDN?s Director of Human Resources, recalls the process of getting HourTrack up and running as ??an easy implementation with no hiccups.? Once installed, the staff immediately adopted it. As Strickland describes, ?Employees find it extremely easy to use. And, from a supervisory/administrative perspective, there?s a small learning curve. It?s a user-friendly program.?

Based on their smooth implementation and positive end-user experience, HDN has come to expect nothing less from a labor management vendor. When HDN?s IT department calls the Time Spot support line, they?re consistently pleased with the rapid response times, as well as the overall quality of support. According to Ms. Strickland, who has personally called to ask end-user questions herself, the product support team is ??accessible and responsive?? The level of attention that HDN receives reaffirms their belief in the value an automated labor management solution.

Operational Benefits and Cost Savings
After installing and successfully running HourTrack for some time, HDN decided to integrate HourTrack with its payroll system so that automated data feeds and exports could occur. After successfully completing the integration, HDN staff could export employee hours at the touch of a button and, without human intervention for reformatting or recalculation, send the data directly to their payroll provider.

By integrating the labor management and payroll systems, HND reduced opportunities for error and unburdened the staff of time-consuming administrative work. Ms. Strickland reports that, ??payroll exports now take just minutes to run.? Previously, the company would have had to pay a person to enter each employee?s hours into a spreadsheet to submit to payroll services. The integration initiative also dramatically increased accuracy and efficiency rates. Ms. Strickland describes the automated system as ??almost 100% accurate,? compared to an 85% accuracy rate for manually transferred data.

Additionally, HDN can now quickly and easily export payroll data (i.e. how many agent hours were accrued for customer accounts) and client billing information into an easy-to-read, printable format. The company prints these documents directly from the integrated system and sends them to clients for billing.

The decision to implement the HourTrack system prior to opening its contact center proved to be a strategic advantage that continues to generate positive returns. Integrating HourTrack with its payroll system resulted in even broader operational benefits. HDN speculates that had an attempt to manually monitor time and attendance for its 500 employees been made, the results could have been devastating. Financially speaking, the system has prevented potentially large losses due to time theft, human error in calculations and time spent manually figuring time sheets. Thankfully, HDN never learned these lessons the hard way.

To learn more about HDN contact center solutions, please contact them at (877) 895-8527.  

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