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BankWest of Nevada Gains Time and Efficiency With Online Solution

Bank Upgrades System After Old Software Leaves Them Stranded

BankWest of Nevada faced a challenge when the software they used for time and labor management became obsolete. With less than a year before their current system would no longer be supported, BankWest of Nevada was forced to decide between upgrading to the new company?s software or converting to an entirely new system.

As a leading community bank with multiple locations throughout the state, BankWest of Nevada provides a range of services to their clients including business and personal loans, checking and savings accounts, and internet and telephone banking. As an employer to over 600 people, Bank West of Nevada needed a comprehensive yet affordable solution they could rely on.

The company that provided BankWest of Nevada their Simplex Winstar time and attendance software was purchased by Kronos, leaving BankWest of Nevada with limited options for how to continue tracking employee time and attendance. The high cost to upgrade was sufficient enough to send BankWest of Nevada shopping for a better solution.

Transitioning to a New System
Knowing that they were going to implement a new time and labor management system, BankWest of Nevada wanted to find one they could transition to with little hassle. They needed software that was user friendly yet modern enough to rely on for the future.

After reviewing several vendors, BankWest of Nevada went with a recommendation from their payroll processing system provider and chose client-server software from Time Spot, Inc. (OTCBB: TMAM). Time Spot is a leading provider of advanced time and workforce management solutions designed to help companies improve the tracking and utilization of labor resources.

Making the transition from the bank?s outdated software to an automated workforce management solution ??was relatively easy?? says Staci Sease, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources for BankWest of Nevada. Implementation of the new system began in April 2004 and took four to six weeks to fully complete the transition from the old software to the new system. BankWest of Nevada replaced outdated time clocks with a web-based time clock, allowing them to automate tasks such as attendance tracking, gross wage calculation and scheduling.

Benefiting from Change
The majority of BankWest of Nevada employees welcomed the change to an automated labor management system. They easily adapted to the new method of using a web browser to enter and view hour information. As Sease explains: ?It?s so much nicer [now] that people can do it from their computer. This system is a lot better than the other system as far as functionality.?

BankWest of Nevada originally licensed the workforce management software for 500 employees. In April 2005, they decided to upgrade the system to 1000 employees. Pamela Noyes, HRIS and Payroll Specialist for BankWest of Nevada, describes the upgrade as ??virtually painless...? The bank also interfaced the software with their payroll system, resulting in a reduction of time spent preparing payroll. By upgrading from a previously outdated system, BankWest of Nevada has improved company operations and operational efficiency. Of all the benefits the new system brings, Sease says: ?Efficiency has been the biggest change.?