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AAA Hoosier Motor Club Streamlines Workforce Management Processes

Motor club drives away payroll inaccuracies with
an automated time and attendance solution

After years of using a manual time clock system, AAA Hoosier Motor Club began exploring different ways to track employee time and attendance. At first the company approved using the honor system, which gave employees the ability to track their own hours. They hoped that by entrusting employees to accurately account for their work time, it would boost morale throughout the organization. They soon realized that in order to stay compliant with government regulations, AAA Hoosier Motor Club needed to find an updated solution that would accurately track and report time and attendance. They began researching automated solutions that would provide accuracy, efficiency and compliance requirements for their workforce management processes.

AAA Hoosier Motor Club serves 400,000 members in 50 counties across central and southern Indiana. The club is an affiliate of the American Automobile Association, the largest motoring and traveling organization in the world, and they provide members with a variety of services including roadside assistance, travel and insurance programs. With fifteen branches located throughout the state, AAA Hoosier Motor Club needed a flexible workforce management solution that could be used by employees working in an office environment as well as within a mobile fleet department.

The Search for a Complete Solution
While investigating available options, AAA Hoosier Motor Club came into contact with Evens Time, an Indiana-based company that provides time and attendance solutions and parking applications across the Mid West. Evens Time provides a comprehensive range of solutions for customers including sales, service, installation, training, support and supplies. They introduced AAA Hoosier Motor Club to a variety of time and attendance systems including solutions developed by Time Spot, Inc. Time Spot is a leading provider of workforce management and data collection solutions that automate employee time and attendance tracking, the management of labor, and payroll processing. Time Spot?s web-based, client-server, and desktop software applications are designed to help companies improve the utilization of labor resources. Evens Time has been an Authorized Reseller of Time Spot products since 2001.

The Manager of the Fleet Department for AAA Hoosier Motor Club felt it was imperative for the company to adopt biometric Hand Punch (HP) units as a way to securely collect employee time. ?They were tired of adding up handwritten time cards all the time,? says Sherry Evens, President of Evens Time. ?[AAA Hoosier Motor Club] has several departments but the road service division provided the biggest challenge. They were very concerned about the possibly of buddy punching so we migrated to Hand Punch units fairly quickly.? Buddy punching is the costly practice of employees clocking in and out for one another to falsify or extend actual work hours. The mobile department operates 24 hours a day and needed a data collection device that would provide great security against fraudulent activity. HP units accurately verify employee identities with a biometric image of the unique shape and size of the employee?s hand.

AAA Hoosier Motor Club made the decision to work with Evens Time and implement two of Time Spot?s HP3000 units in conjunction with their GENESIS SQL time and attendance software. As Evens explains: ?There were several issues that [other time and attendance software] could not support. It was important to provide the ability to track employee attendance infractions.? AAA Hoosier Motor Club also implemented WebClock, an online application that works directly with GENESIS SQL and gives employees the ability to clock in and out using a standard internet browser.

Benefits of Automation
By combining these software and hardware solutions at all of their locations, AAA Hoosier Motor Club was able to address the varying needs of each of their departments. The biometric HP units were installed for the Fleet and the Emergency Road Service departments, while all other branches and departments at AAA Hoosier Motor Club track employee hours over the internet using a web clock. Bobbie Eid, Payroll Manager for AAA Hoosier Motor Club, describes employee reactions to the new system: ?The departments with the [HandPunch] reader love it. They have the biggest department counts?it has really helped them.? Previously the department had to key in hours from handwritten timesheets. According to Eid: ?They really love the system?s clocking ability. They feel it saves them a lot of time.?

Evens Time also helped AAA Hoosier Motor Club develop an interface from GENESIS SQL to their local payroll company. Achieving demonstrable ROI has mutually benefited Evens Time and AAA Hoosier Motor Club in creating a continued working relationship. Future plans consist of creating an interface to AAA Hoosier Motor Club?s HR system, offering a complete ?punch to paycheck? solution. ?By investing in an automated system to track time and attendance, AAA Hoosier Motor Club is more than just compliant with government regulations- they are now in control of exactly how and where their payroll dollars are spent,? comments Evens.