Issue 3, 2004

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In this issue:

bullet Updating Your Labor Management: Building a Business Case
bullet Convenience For All: Web and PC Based Data Collection
bullet Serving Up ROI: ARAMARK success story

Updating your Time and Attendance System:
╩Building a Business Case

Embarking on the task of updating your labor management system can be a daunting project, but it doesn't have to be.╩ The following tips may help you to make this process a win-win for all parties involved.

Select a project champion
Assign a project champion to spearhead the project and facilitate information gathering.╩ This should be someone who is has thorough knowledge of your labor management processes and organizational structure so that he or she can effectively interact with other key people and departments.

Get Buy In

Meet with all departments and executive staff who are directly or indirectly affected by the project. Gather their feedback on which labor management processes they want to improve and what features and functions they want in a new time and labor management system.

Evaluate Procedures vs. Practices
What is said or put on paper is not always done.╩ Assess what best practices your organization should implement and what procedures need to be re-addressed to make this happen.╩ Here are some additional things to consider:

╩- What processes should be automated to reduce time-consuming manual processes?

╩- How can you
improve accuracy and consistency of time and data╩ tracking?

╩- How do you define
employee and manager satisfaction from a system?

Think long term
Take into account things that your workforce and operations needs from a labor management system on a yearly basis. For example:

╩- Do you need reporting for year-end assessment and new year planning?

╩- What types of longer-term time and data should the system be able to handle?╩ (For example: leave-time, scheduling, activities/projects, etc.)

╩- Define the qualitative and quantitative ROI objectives you want to achieve.

A labor management system doesn't affect just your workforce.╩ It impacts your company's operations, productivity and ultimately - the bottom line.╩ When proactive thinking and planning is done, updating an outdated or supported time and labor management system is one of the most beneficial things a company can do for itself.╩ Most importantly, upgrading your labor management system can help your company to focus on the most important part of all: your core business.

Convenience For All:
Web or PC Based Data Collection

Many companies today are leveraging labor management software solutions to automate time and attendance. Web and pc-based data collection can provide significant benefits when compared to more traditional data collection options.╩

Efficiency: Web and PC-based data collection improves the accuracy of timekeeping by drastically reduces costs of correcting manual mistakes. It can be used to automatically enforce schedules and control unauthorized overtime - making payroll preparation more efficient.

Employee Self Service: According to a 2002 survey from Cedar╩ Human Resources, 37% of companies use self-service time management applications. Employee Self Service provides a win-win convenience for everyone in the organization.╩ Web and pc-based data collection empowers employees to manage things that they might╩ otherwise have to rely on a superior for.╩ Not only can they clock in and out but they can approve and submit time sheets, request vacation time, sick leave, and check their benefits.╩ In turn, supervisors and managers are happy because employee self service eliminates inquiries they would typically have to make to Payroll or HR.

ROI: Web and PC-based data collection requires no additional hardware or badge costs, saves administration time, and reduces managerial and supervisor involvement.╩ The American Payroll Association estimates annual savings of $1,000 per year, per employee.

Time Spot provides web and pc-based labor time management solutions that deliver cost-effective, yet robust features and functionality:

Serving Up ROI

ARAMARK Corporation, one of the world's largest providers of award-winning food and facilities services is proactively controlling its labor costs while improving customer service with Time Spot's HourTrackÖ labor management system.╩

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