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Automated Data Collection

Successful workforce management relies on collecting information directly from employees in a timely and accurate manner. Automating both the capture and collection process ensures that employee data is efficiently acquired in an accurate and secure environment. Ultimately this makes the employee’s experience better, saves the employee time and saves your company money.

Badge Terminals

Badge swipe terminals offer ease of use and scalability. Time and Attendance badge readers can be used over networks and intranets, alone, or in conjunction with other devices.

Time Spot Badge Terminals:

TA520: A proven performer that answers a variety of data collection needs.

TA530: A data collection device built for rigorous
use in any industrial environment

TA620: A full-featured data collection terminal that
allows several different forms of input and
communication methods.

TA7000: A next-generation terminal that supports the latest technology protocols such as wireless capability,  optional biometric fingerprint reader, color touch screen, and Plug and Punch technology.

Biometric Units

This new standard in employee tracking software data collection adds security and a faster ROI cycle to your solution, for almost the same price as a traditional badge device.  Eliminate costly buddy-punching!

HP 50E Data Input:




HP 50E - 50 users, non-upgradeable

HP 1000 - 50 users, upgradeable to 512

HP 2000 - 512 users, non-upgradeable

HP 3000 - 512 users -  upgradeable to 32,512

HP 4000 - 530 users - upgradeable to 3,498

2 x 16 Backlit LCD

11.65" x  8.55" x 8.55"

High-Strength, Injection-Molded Plastic

Power Supply:
 120VAC, 60HZ

HP 1000 Data Input:



RS232 - Serial
Optional Modem
HP 2000 Data Input:

Keypad with 2 Programmable Function Keys

RS232 - Serial;
Optional Modem
 HP 3000 Data Input:

Keypad with 2 Programmable Function Keys

RS232 - Serial
RS485 - LAN;
Optional Modem;
Optional TCP/IP Ethernet
 HP 4000 Data Input:

Keypad with 8 Programmable Function Keys;
3 of 9 Barcode Reader

RS232 - Serial
RS485 - LAN;
Optional Modem;
Optional TCP/IP Ethernet

LG IrisAccess® 3000 Iris Recognition Technology

Iris recognition is the new generation of biometric data collection solutions.  The IrisAccess 3000 is ideally suited for environments that require a higher level of protection against buddy punching, access control and overall security.  The system-reporting tools that IrisAccess provides can be used to set parameters that eliminate unauthorized early-in and late-out punches.  The system can not only be used to clock in and out, but can also be used to monitor employee movements within the facility in a multi-facility environment.  In construction, there's an added benefit of ensuring only authorized workers show up on the jobsite, enhancing security, particularly on government construction jobs.  It also manages liability as construction management is assured that the worker performing duties is the one authenticated to be on the jobsite and trained in those precise duties.

Offers time and money-saving benefits in the workplace including:

  • Elimination of buddy punching

  • Reduced data entry errors when calculating payroll or recording attendance

  • Easy revocation of privileges when an employee is terminated

  • No badges to issue, replace or recover

  • Ability to identify when a current or terminated employee is trying to gain unauthorized access

Web-Enabled/Browser Based

Reduce the cost of ownership and streamline the process of upgrading by delivering employee interaction over the Web with WebClock™.  Also, employees can access the information they need by utilizing Web-enabled devices such as a cell-phone or a Palm VII PDA as well.

WebClock is revolutionizing the way time and attendance data is collected.  Harness the power of your local network or the Internet to gather clock in/out transactions and distribute valuable time-related information.  All this is delivered to your organization in a familiar browser environment.

Software Based

Clock in or out, review hours or schedules, change departments or jobs, all from any PC on the network. This employee tracking software data collection solutions is ideal for office environments and call centers.

Everyone’s workstation, thin client terminal or PC, can become a high-tech time clock, and much more, with PC Clock.  PC Clock makes it easy to gather time from thousands of users in every corner of your enterprise, either across the building or across the country.  PC Clock is perfect in situations where hardware data collection systems can’t be cost-justified, or where hardware time clocks don’t match into your organization’s environment.

Telephone Based

Time Spot’s TelePunch telephony server allows employees to clock in/out from any touch-tone phone (including cellular) - anywhere, anytime. This employee tracking solution data collection method is ideal for the mobile workforce.

The Time Spot’s TelePunch solution is ideal for any business with employees who travel or work off-premises.  This product is ideal for sales representatives, consultants, construction workers, security personnel and other professionals with job duties that prevent them from using traditional methods of time tracking.

Employee ID Printer

Quickly issue high quality employee badges during the registration process with a Photo ID system. The PVC badges generated by this system are long lasting and suitable for all environments.