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This issue of By the Numbers examines the impact of automated solutions on the workforce culture. Companies typically invest a significant amount of time and resources into selecting the right labor management solution for their business. Those efforts are in vain if only a small percentage of employees welcome the change, resulting in the system not being utilized to its fullest potential.

Inside this issue are tips and tricks to help companies manage the cultural impact associated with the implementation of a new labor management system. The industry article below discusses the newest trends in time and attendance, while the Q&A section addresses how to get your employees excited about upgrading to a new solution.

At Time Spot we care about the topics that are important to you. We hope you find the information provided in this newsletter valuable and that it helps you get the most return on your investment.

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ComUnity Lending

ComUnity Lending, one of the top 100 mortgage companies in the U.S., has selected Time Spotís workforce management solution to automate its HR and labor management processes. Read More


Time Spot, Inc. has entered into a strategic alliance with Pennsylvania-based PDS, an award-winning developer of web-based human resource and payroll systems, to provide real-time tracking of employee time and labor data. Read More

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industry article

Time & Attendance Technology Trends Advance Over Time

From PayTech Magazine:

While it may not be headed for imminent extinction, the stand-alone time clock is certainly diminishing in numbers. New and maturing technologies have enabled organizations to make time and attendance reporting part of an integrated labor-management solution, resulting in a host of benefits for both employees and employers.... Read Article

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Q: I am a manager of a company that has decided to upgrade its current employee time tracking process. The problem is we have a number of employees who are used to our traditional practices and have already shown a great resistance to using an automated system. How can we get our employees to feel excited about such a big transition?

A: Your company has made an executive decision to implement an automated time and attendance solution. Perhaps you were spending valuable time and money to correct and calculate paper time sheets that had to then be manually entered into your payroll system. Or perhaps you are transitioning from an outdated or unsupported system that was no longer addressing your labor management needs. Regardless of what has prompted the change, upgrading your labor management system is a milestone that comes with the upside of saved time, resources and money.

More often than not, a change to your business processes is inherently threatening to employees because it forces a change in long-standing beliefs and practices. Thus an important consideration when implementing a labor management system is the effect it will have on your workforce employees. An implementation can not be successful unless the people using it are on-board, and they must be prepared for change in order to do so. Time Spot recommends four steps to help you prepare your employees for a change in their labor management system... Read More

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Time Spot, Inc. is a leader in web-based, client-server and desktop time and labor management solutions. The company's family of software and data collection products automates employee time and attendance tracking, the management of labor resources and payroll processing. The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 honored Time Spot as one of the top fastest growing technology companies in North America for 2004 and 2003.

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