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message from the CEO

Dear Subscribers,

When selecting a mission-critical application such as workforce management, typically a significant amount of time and resources are invested into the needs analysis, selection process and implementation. But when employees fail to use all of the system’s features because of inadequate training or a resistance to change, only a fraction of the system’s capabilities are used and the solution’s benefits erode over time. As manufacturers in workforce management for nearly twenty years, we have seen customers experience discrepancies in intended use versus actual use, equating to a diluted ROI. However, there are ways to curb this upfront. 

Establish Metrics Based on Your Industry
Realistic metrics and training are crucial to ensuring that employees embrace the system and the company realizes intended objectives for implementing it. If performance metrics include improvements in labor distribution, you’ll need specific industry benchmarks to determine how well the software is performing against the standard. You may notice a 30% improvement, but if your competitors are beating your numbers, the system isn’t living up to its potential—and neither is your business.

Perform Regular Post-Implementation Audits
You’ve spent the budget, now you must determine how the system measures up to expectations. If your audit focuses only on productivity, you’re not gaining a true picture of ROI. The audit should also take into account how well employees adopt the software. Experts advise implementing surveys immediately following training and again six months later. By communicating to employees that their feedback is important for providing additional training or improving procedures, they are more likely to be forthcoming.

Create a Continuous Learning Loop
Too often companies reduce the amount of money or employees that they are willing to commit to training after a workforce management implementation. This typically results in the system being used at a minimal level – just enough to get the job done.  Companies must return to base level training to protect their investment by instilling a constant loop of feedback.  Go back and talk to employees to discover knowledge gaps so corrective action can be taken. If employees have the perception that the new system is the problem, that perception will become reality.

Best Regards,

Thomas Bednarik
President and CEO
Time Spot, Inc.

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NetEdge Devices, LLCannouncements

Time Spot Announces Subsidiary: NetEdge Devices, LLC

Time Spot, Inc. (OTCBB: TMAM) has formed a subsidiary company, NetEdge Devices, LLC, which will manufacture and distribute a new line of advanced data collection devices that track and display critical labor information across a variety of industries. Read More

Visit the NetEdge Devices website

Learn more about NetEdge Devices solutions by enrolling in the upcoming web seminar: Next-Generation Data Collection: TA7000 Series. See Upcoming Events.

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industry article

Hexaware's HR Wares

From CXOtoday.com:

Increasingly, IT is an important enabler in the HR department, allowing enterprises to automate various processes that result in a fast, accurate and effective HR. Human resource spends however, are becoming an area of concern for most companies. According to Forrester and Gartner, HR outsourcing is increasing with...  Read Article

What do you think about this article?  We want to hear from you!

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upcoming events

Attend a TA7000 Series Webinar

Please join us Thursday, February 16th for an introduction to the TA7000 data collection device series. These next-generation terminals use innovative technology to increase operational efficiency and decrease labor management costs for companies across a variety of industries.

This online seminar will be hosted by Jon Weiss, vice president of business development for Time Spot. With more than 18 years of experience in marketing enterprise resource planning (ERP), and manufacturing and warehouse solutions, Mr. Weiss also leads the NetEdge business alliance and OEM program. Come see how the TA7000 series can accurately track workforce time, enforce payroll policies, and reduce buddy punching to save your company money.

Click here and hit the "Enroll" button to register.

Nationwide Seminar

How do you leverage the people–profit connection?

According to researchers at Cornell University’s Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies, 90% of business owners and managers are unsure of which employee management practices to choose or how to implement practices that best align with their business strategy to drive greater financial performance.

In this seminar, we will introduce you to the profit-generating potential of employee management and make the business case for effective employee management practices. We will also identify the types of practices that impact your company’s financial performance the most.  If you are a small business owner or executive looking for the most effective ways to drive success, don't miss this seminar. Register for this seminar

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survey question

When will your organization be changing the following enterprise applications: CRM, Payroll, ERP, HRMS, TLM (Workforce Management)?

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about us

Time Spot, Inc. is a leader in web-based, client-server and desktop time and labor management solutions. The company's family of software and data collection products automates employee time and attendance tracking, the management of labor resources and payroll processing. The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 honored Time Spot as one of the top fastest growing technology companies in North America for 2004 and 2003.

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