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message from the CEO

Dear Subscribers:

I am happy to introduce the first issue of our 2005 newsletter.  I hope that you find the information, case studies and news to be valuable.  Reflecting on  2004, the time and labor management industry has experienced significant growth.  As recent as five years ago, automated tracking of workforce data was something  "nice to have" in lieu of manual time sheets or legacy systems. We are now seeing automated labor management systems on the short list of critical applications and implementation projects with many of our clients.

We also see a direct correlation between the need for efficiency in tracking critical items that impact the bottom line, such as costs associated with workforce time and running payroll, and the technology to support it.  Real-time access to information through web-based solutions, leveraging existing platforms such as Voice over IP, and the use of biometrics to control access and eliminate fraudulent work hours are just a few of the key functions companies are leveraging to control costs and better utilize their workforce dollars.

We anticipate 2005 to continue to be a period of growth and change for the labor management industry. At Time Spot, we will continue to deliver innovative solutions that evolve with your needs.

Best Regards,

Thomas Bednarik
President and CEO
Time Spot, Inc.

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featured case study

Health and Human Services Provider, Ability Beyond Disability  Replaced a Manual Processes with a Cisco IP Phone -Based Time and Attendance System.

Ability Beyond Disability (formerly Datahr Rehabilitation Institute) provides health and human services for people with developmental and neurological disabilities. The organization employs over 750 people and provides round-the-clock staffing at 30 Licensed Group Homes, as well as, regularly scheduled staff at 60 Supported Independent residences and many more employees support its community based work programs and activities. Ability Beyond Disability maintains full office staff at their headquarters in Brookfield, Connecticut and at additional offices located in Mount Kisco, New York, providing one of the most extensive systems of support and services in the Northeast.

After years of dealing with inaccuracies and inefficiencies caused by manual workforce tracking, Ability Beyond Disability made a decision to transition to an automated labor management solution. At the time, manual processes burdened many of the organization's staff members on a daily basis. The staff had to manually calculate and enter large amounts of data to transfer information from employees' paper timesheets into an electronic payroll system. This error-prone, labor-intensive process was costing the company time and money, while decreasing employee job satisfaction levels.

With the end goal of becoming fully automated, Ability Beyond Disability set out to find a labor management system that would allow better monitoring of and reporting on workforce activity. Although the organization's integration goals were straightforward, it had some non-traditional requirements for managing workforce time and attendance, due to the nature of its business.  Read the full case study

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industry article

The First Three Things That HR Should Measure - by Marcia Barkley, Workforce Management Resource Center

Workforce management metrics have a direct correlation to a company's  financial metrics. Why? Payroll is typically the highest operating cost a company incurs. To get a better handle on your workforce management processes you'll need to implement some measurement tactics. Here’s where to start.  Read more

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