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At the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, employees in the Information Services Division are using NETtime™ to maintain and enforce their standard set of rules for time and attendance. With NETtime, central system administrators at USC can configure and implement time and attendance rules for each employee, and personnel managers are freed from manually calculating time cards.

"There have been many benefits to using NETtime," says Gamward Quan, Financial/Accounting Manager. "The user-friendly technology has streamlined our payroll process and our managers are now free to devote their time to other projects. A greater awareness of time and attendance policies has improved our ability to consistently manage the scheduling and application of pay rules for 1200 employees."

NETtime has enabled USC to reduce the cost of payroll processing and increase worker efficiency. In addition, line managers are taking advantage of the standard and custom reporting tools to track employee behavior and productivity. As a result, the overall management of personnel has become more effective.

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