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Heartland Bank and Trust of Bloomington, Illinois is a locally owned bank with 260 employees in 17 locations. In 1999, the bank began using Time Spot's HourTrack solution with the eWebClock data collection interface.

Prior to 1999, Heartland was relying on manual computation of time cards and manual payroll system data entry. Realizing the need to reduce costs associated with human error and the inaccuracies of paper time cards due to employee rounding, the bank turned to Time Spot to automate its time and attendance.

"The biggest benefit of using Time Spot's system has been the increase in overall profits we've realized by eliminating the manual payroll process," says Mike Ackley, Human Resources Manager. "Automating our time and attendance has increased productivity and allowed an easy, efficient, paperless way for our employees to clock in and out and review their work history." The investment in Time Spot's solutions has made a direct impact to Heartland Bank and Trust's bottom line.

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